About hazel & lemon

We're two Oregon origin sisters born eight years apart. Even though we're at different crossroads (I'm a newlywed/new mom while Hazel's a mum of two) we've always adored keeping things natural—especially in the health and beauty realms. Our hunt for eco-chic life is one big thing that brings us together...that and sister-spa-days. 

If we had a sisterhood mantra it would be "balance = beauty".  We're passionate about natural products, organic foods and self-care because it helps us live fully, feel radiant and enter into the gentle balance of a life truly well-lived. 

This joint-sibling blog is mostly our musings. We're likely to cover everything from DIY-ing the ideal feathered brow to our favorite frankincense oil. We love making new friends, so please don't hesitate to say "hello" on our "contact us" page. 


The Hodsen Sisters